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Preserving History.  Creating Memories.


It all started in 1880, two landowners, Lucian Garcia Terra and Domingo Machado lived and were the first families that farmed on the gorgeous, fruitful property known today as San Luis Ranch

By 1890, the property had grown from farmland to the 16th District Agricultural Association’s Fairgrounds, which featured everything from prize-winning produce to livestock and horse racing. In 1893 the site was the home to State Fair which included a 1-mile long race track.

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The Dalidio Family soon acquired the property in the early 1900s and grew crops for over 75 years.

Come experience the restored original farmhouse complete with interpretive exhibits open to the public.

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Gary Grossman and the Grossman family purchased the property in 2014 with the intention of restoring it to its former glory. SLO Ranch Farms & Marketplace truly exemplifies the root of Farm to Table today, honoring agriculture history while reviving the vitality.

Gary Grossman

Come join us and experience the farm to table SLO Lifestyle

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